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tv   News  ABC  May 19, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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down towards liberty road. heading on towards i-70, the days continue to be minor this -- delays continue to be minor. looking at the maps, we are working an accident in arnold. ritchie highway near college parkway is trying to clean up an accident in baltimore city involving a struck pedestrian on green spring avenue just south of key worth avenue. charley, back to you. >> thanks a lot. more than two weeks after his death, osama bin laden's latest audiotape has been released by al-qaeda media production wing. >> reporter: in a voice from the grave, osama bin laden delivered one final message. my muslim people, we watch closely what is going on in the world today, the voice on the tape says. we rejoice with your rejoicing and your pride. that message praises the arab spurring in egypt and tunisia is believed tonight same recording navy seals found in
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the command. abc news learneds official discovered names and phone numbers of suspected operatives in the catch of documents be -- catch of -- catch of documents. it could be codes or nicknames but clues. >> they identified the folks involved in the 9/11 case because of nicknames. >> reporter: red lights are blinking all over the intelligence community as agents scramble to track down those operatives. >> they have to fine the people who would carry -- find the people who would carry out the plot. >> reporter: find them and quickly. the compound revealed the interest in launching new attacks on or before the 10th anniversary of his greatest terror triumph. four months from now. one of the best guesses -- >> one of the best guesses is he would do it before 9/11. >> reporter: the possibilities are multiple and heroing. it. >> it may not be a single attack the size of 9/11 but multiple -- multiple small are
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attacks. >> reporter: -- small are attacks. >> reporter: al-qaeda normally plots month or years ahead of time. agents are searching travel records and a spes task force is working -- task force is work 24-7 flooring a plot that may be in motion -- shall -- working 24-7 looking for a plot that may be in motion. 42-year-old jullian mccrorey was arrest on fugitive of justice charges. thee kurd after prosecutors issued an arrest warning on second degree murder charges in the death of 6-year-old came don hughes in hampton, new hampshire on saturday. prosecutors say preliminary autopsy results show the cause of the death is asphyxiation. a military plane crashed and burned late yesterday. the boeing 707 had three people on board but they were able to escape with minor injuries.
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you look at the video and wonder how. authorities say the aging plane is used for transportation of military members and fuel. the plane appeared to come to rest not far from the pacific ocean. thick black smoke could be seen coming from the wreck and it appeared firefighters let the aircraft burn. the mothers of two american hikers held in iran on espionage charges say they are starting a hunger strike. last week, iranian authorities delayed the trial of the two without explanation. bowers's -- the mothers believe they are fasting. so the mothers plan to fast in solidarity and will start today. she says they will fast as long as they can. others including sarah shroud will joint hunger strike starting on saturday. some say you may want to canales your plans because saturday could be the end of the world a group claims secret messages in the bible lead them to believe the word is coming to an end on saturday.
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the prediction is earthquakes will start across the globe and work their way around the world. >> there's going to be a great earthquake such as never been. it will be so great that all the tombs everywhere in the world are going to be thrown open. that's going to require a granddaddy earthquake. >> it was bible verse that says no one knows when the world is going to come to evened not even the angels. the christian organization says they are not buying the church's claims. we are two days away from the preakness and the odds are in. while many think the race is going to be all about animal kingdom, he is the local guy. i got my bet on another horse. linda so is live to tell us the story behind this colt mucho macho man. linda. >> reporter: well, your favorite mucho macho man, is the number 3 favorite right now. he finished third at kentucky -- hey. his trainer underwent a heart
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transplant three years ago and he was one of the nine horses to arrive at pimlico yesterday. post positions were drawn and it's a full field of 14. animal kingdom duty number 11 post, dialed in starts from the number 10 post and mucho macho man breaks from the number 9 posts. a is going on two days before the preakness. later this morning, owners andtrainers will get together for the alibi breakfast later today at noon, it's the annual preakness crab derby at lexington market. kelly swoope will be there today and tomorrow tours continue and friday, it's blasted eye -- be black eyed sues one day. this morning -- susan day. later this morning at around 9, it will be the alibi breakfast for trainers and owners to get together and make predictions for the big race. linda so, abc2 news. all right thanks a who.
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it's 6:35. you know we need a little help sleeping from time to time. but a new baked good to age you in your sleep could be doing more harm than good. it's causing a bit of a controversy this morning. and if your daughter has a question about the birds and bees, you can now simply tell her to grab her phone. a new way those awkward questions may be answered. we will let you know when odd guy morning maryland" returns.
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now "good morning maryland." a bit of a controversy stirring this morning over relaxation brownies. each package of lazy cakes contains 8 milligrams of melatonin. that's a natural hormone that helps control the body's sleep cycle. experts say the normal dose for a child is about .3 milligrams.
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and the packaging says for adults only, but critics think they are marketed towards children. two massachusetts mayors are calling for a ban on the hazy cakes after a two-year-old was hospital identities when he fell into a deep sheep after just a few bites of one of the brownies. well in the old days you learned about the bird and bees on the streets or maybe from your mom or dad who told you to see the other parent. well, now you can text the question and i am sure there will be a app soon. teens in wisconsin can text questions about sex, stds, regs relationships and whatnot and -- relationships and whatnot and get apses from the health department. the website says they should go to the apparent first and now they can tell you to go to the heart department. go to a professional who has someone to give an answer for the questions you may have. >> talk to somebody that doesn't know them is not going
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to pass judgment. >> kid have a hard time carrying on conversation. texting is the easiest thing for them. >> now what if the teen asks a few more creative questions or the health officials say they are not going to bite. the service is only limited to questions about health. well you can get -- when you get your water bill, you will notice a change. the city is raising the price of water and how much you can expect to pay back. if you have a google android, your person information could be compromised. we will tell you why. and the imf chief wants out. a hearing scheduled today that could get him out of jail at least for now. changeable skies this morning. good morning to you. will it be a good day? here's the deal. we have ourselves a start with some clearing in annapolis. but watch the clouds race back in. looking low, and looking a little ominous. no rain and we have had sunshine and sun glare through
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the haze and glaze. let's see what's happening on the commute. the road are damp. here's kim bound. >> reporter: they are damp and as we look live through baltimore city on 95 at the 395 sky ramp, traffic is moving very well. but i will have the latest news on your traffic incidents plus news and weather when "good morning maryland" returns after this. : good night, gluttony-- a farewell long awaited. good night, stuffy. >> ( yawning ) >> good night, outdated. >> ( click ) >> good night, old luxury and all of your wares. good night, bygones everywhere. >> ( engine revs ) >> good morning, illumination. good morning, innovation. good morning, unequaled inspiration. >> ( heartbeats ) [ male announcer ] finally.
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could strip-mine our database. over my dead body. i switched to kaspersky. kaspersky -- the most advanced internet security software. time for your abc2 news to g i am charley crowson. megan is off today. let's check the thursday forecast with meteorologist justin berk. >> 6:45. we say patchy fog. that means it's slight clouds. partly cloudy skies heading down to the ground. look at this many kim brown i got your attention. this is manchester. we started off at 5:15. watch the fog roll in and then try to disburse. a little -- disperse. patchy fog. partly cloudy skies on the ground -- ground. we had a very stormy day yesterday after burning off the
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patchy fog. we have a fair amount of cloud and sun will charge the atmosphere and -- and pax of sun will charge the atmosphere -- peaks of the sun will charge the atmosphere more. let's see what's happening on the roads this morning with kim brown. >> reporter: well, as the fog rolls out and you rolled out on road -- roll out on roadway, things are calm. minor delays at 95 as you approach white mash boulevard area. but the west side is where you will find things are slower. college parkway at around is cleared and green spring avenue near key worth is also gone. so at the moment we are accident free. now back to you. >> thanks a lot. when you go out, many people have a favorite drink or they have one or two with friends. but soon it will cost you more to sip that beverage of choice. and this morning, abc2's sherrieionson will explain why.
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hey -- sherrie johnson will explain why. >> reporter: hey, -- the governor -- the governor will sign into law maryland's first3% alcohol increase since 1972. this bill will save many lives by reducing alcohol abuse and underage drinking sinceth they are price sensitive. public health researchers says it will have reduced drunk driving fatalities and lower rates of domestic violence. it will raise money to be used to fund critical health care and community service needs. health care community and commute service add vow kits will joint governor at that signing to-- advocates will join the governor at the signing. as far as consumers, the increase could mean a turning point that leads to greater consumer choice more competition and maybe lower prices. the signing take place today at 11 this morning at the statehouse in annapolis. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> you can weigh in on that on facebook. will this affect your drinking
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habits? you may want to tournament water off when brushing your teeth. those of you who live in the city, your water bill is going up. for an average family of 4, that means $88 more per year. money is needed to repair the scrum bell infrastructure specifically water main breaksch the mayor voted yes as did the city so list tore. will copp troller voted against -- comptroller voted against the rate increase. water rates are going up a congressman is fighting to keep you from spending more on tolls. state transportation authority wants to hike tolls on the bay bridge and i-95 at perryville and fort mchenry tunnel. if this goes into effect, tolls at the bay bridge would jump do $5 by october and spike to $8 by 2013.
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official say it would bring in 210 million dollars for the state and the vote is scheduled to tack place later this summer. another contender is entering the race for mayor. carl stokes spoke before a group of supporters and community members about his plans for the campaign e says he is going to work to -- campaign e says he is going to work to improve the neighborhoods and try to keep heme from living. he serves on a number of commitees in the city council. consumer news this morning. a significant security flaw is uncovered in google's android operating system for the smart phones. now the hole was disdovered by researchers -- discovered by researchers in germany and allows hackers to get ahold of useful personal information. it affects 97% of android users. android says they are aware of the issue and fix is in place for calendar and contact apps in the recent version of the
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android and google. judge o'malley is visiting students who created a bullying prevention service announcement. that visit is this afternoon. she will view the announcement aimed at promoting antibullying efforts and the event previews the bullying awareness and prevention week kick off next week. while the image of september11th are fresh in our mind, maryland designers are working to make sure the victims are never forgotten. the architectural firm has unveiled the design for the 9/11 memorial. it will be placed at the plaza for our world trade center in the inner harbor. it incorporates steel beams from the twin towers limestone from the pentagon and artifacts from shanksville, pennsylvania and list the 63 marylanders and birth dates who died in the events. so that's going to be a moving memorial. >> to bring in the personal
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story of each of the victims by including their birth dates, resinates with people as we see oh, my gosh, this person was the same age as i am at the time. it makes another personal connection which we feel is very important. >> and some of the art behind that memorial is turning the plaza into a sun dial. it's dedicated on the 10-year anniversary coming up this september. new college grads in baltimore have a pretty good shot of landing a job. charm city one of the top cities for new grad to settle in. now in a list of the top ten cities, balmmore came in number -- baltimore came in number 3. but head down the way to the nation's capital. washington, d.c. came in at number 5 and, of course, the top new job city was new york. the only grandson of malcolm x will speak at a birthday
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celebration. he will deliver remarks on his grandfather's legacy at the wiley h bates legacy center in annapolis tonight. malconx was assassinate and had he lived, whoa have turned 86 today. news time is 6:52. five things to know before heading out today. we will get an update on the condition of representative gabrielle giffords. yesterday she had a plastic implant placed to reshall did plastic implant placed in to replace a part of her skull. today the first report on the explosion that killed 29 men in west virginia upper big branch mine yesterday. that is scheduled to be released. and just how bad is this year's hurricane season expected to be? today, noaa issues the outlook for the hurricane season. at a press conference we will hear from the fema chief and the noaa administrator who will release the remarks. and if you plan to travel this year for memorial day, you may want to look and see how
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many people will be joining you on the plane, train or automobile. aaa has been released the travel forecast later this -- will release the travel forecast later this evening. dominic strauss-kahn is behind bars accused of sexually assaulting a hotel maid. he has released a letter denying all allegations and is saying he felt compelled to resign. lawyers would going to ask a jumping to aloll him be released on bail and monitored electronically. beat traffic and pedal to work. tomorrow is national bike to workday. it's meant to encourage a clean moat pb lake wareness about bicycle safety. the baltimore -- public awareness about bicycle safety. there will be pit stops around the area. links to the erent are post -- to the events are posted on our website, now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the
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forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> it's about the stubborn weather pattern where temperatures are 10 to 15 degrees cooler near the gulf coast and in baltimore. solve you have -- some of you have patchy fog. but look at the serk lation over eastern ohio -- circulation over eastern ohio. it will drift through maryland today and that's why underneath the low i think we wind up with more clouds than anything else and watch the circulation around it. that is just tapping into more moisture off the atlantic. and another round of strong storms and locally heavy rain producing and because of the turning nature of the winds aloft, any one of the storms that get enough lift can start rotating. there's small chance of another isolated tornado like popup yesterday. but more so than anything else, the storms will need heavy rain producers. clearing skies this morning. still some on the eastern shore. but we filtered in fog and now we are bringing back this wave of clouds around the low pressure. you see the circulation, i
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wanted to leave this in motion to show you how the winds are wrapping around. and we get curvature nature of the winds and that's why we tap into the moisture from the bay. from the atlantic and also give some of that twisting and turning going on. so the forecast model is just a rough indication of how band of rain will develop across the area and afternoon setting up a heavier line near or west of thebeltway. tomorrow not as widespread but thorps in the afternoon. preakness saturday is looking better. today flood watch. threat of the storms producing locally heavy rain and small hail and an isolated twister. 73. keep an attentive ear to yoursource during the day and you can get the alerts at abc2 news.con. 77 tomorrow. isolatesed showers. upper 70s to near 80. and 80 charging more storms next week. kim. >> reporter: for drivers heading down towards the dc metro area, all lanes are open
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on i-95. as we look through howard county this is at route 32 near savage and there's no problems. it feels a little bit between powder mill approaching the 495. as we look at drive times, look pretty good. and slower on the west side, nine minutes from 795 to 70. and 95 looks pretty good heading towards the beltway. we are getting word of an accident in baltimore city at marave yeah and tow -- mow rave yeah at towson. a lot of questions for discussion up for discuss on the facebook fan page this morning. talking about the claim the world is going to end tomorrow afternoon. or saturday afternoon, rather. do you buy it? and if so what are you doing. and your thoughts on what kerry saw team abc2 should sing. >> i think rem. into the world. >> michael stipe.
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